The Korean cuisine is not only favorable but also healthy. With our cuisine, we would like to share the beauty of our Korean culture.

We promise to ensure our guests with healthy premium food because we believe our nutrients will elevate your life satisfaction.

Hangari wird immer sein Bestes geben, um Ihnen das beste Gericht zu servieren.

Hangaris Unternehmensphilosophie lautet: Geschmak.Schönheit.Loyalität

Hangaris Glaube: erfreue Gott, mache die Leute glücklich, achte deine Mitarbeiter und Gäste so sehr wie wir unsere eigene Familien lieben.


Restaurant Interior

Korean Noodle (H6 Zapchae)

Korean Barbecue

Girls on the street are concentrating on their play with Stones ... when will mama come home ...

Regular customers

Ordinary people wore these masks and criticized the hypocrisy and pretense of the artistocrats and royals

Rubber-shoes and flower-shoes on lattice door

A folding fan: true friend

A passionate farmer couple smilling

Friends gathered at New Year to play Yut.

Young and shy groom before his bride.

On cold nights of New Year's Eve children play with roundabout in the village. The winner was whose roundabout has turned the longest.

Rice cake dough is pounded in a mill for the whole family on New Year's for the rice cake soup.

As a punishment for bedwetting, the children had to go to the neighbors in the village to collect salt.

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